MV Balmoral

Trip on MV Balmoral July 2017 Pictures from the trip here

The weather forecast for our trip on the Balmoral was not promising but as we boarded from Clevedon Pier a few short sharp showers did nothing to dampen our spirits.   On Board there was a relaxed atmosphere, which included plenty of food and a licenced bar. Our cruise found us winding up the River Avon, sailing underneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge where the view was amazing. We docked at Cumberland Basin to take on more passengers, and after turning around we made our way back down the Avon, once again passing The "Matthew" as we had done on the way up the river.

Now we were heading up the River Severn where we passed under the Second Severn Crossing and closely followed by the Severn Bridge, before shortly afterwards making a turn for our trip back to Clevedon.

Close to Portbury dock we came to halt for a short period and were informed that a problem with the boat was being investigated. The problem appeared to be that we were just going around in circles. The Captain informed us that there was a problem with the steering but all would be ok. We resumed sailing for short period but once again began to spin in ever decreasing circles  just off Walton Bay and were then informed that we unable to get alongside Clevedon Pier and we would be turning back to Avonmouth.

So in addition to the scheduled trip we had the additional surprise of being escorted to Avonmouth by a Tug. The fun did not stop, because once there we had to pass through the lock before we could enter the dock.

The arranged coaches arrived to take us home... but no! It was to take people home to Penarth and Bristol not Clevedon! No problem as we were then offered free tea, coffee and a meal while we waited.

At last one the of the coaches returned and took "most" of the remaining passengers back to Clevedon but like a good Captain (or Social Director) on a sinking ship I stayed on board and waited for the last coach (along with Margaret who was hoping to be rescued by the RNLI and Peter & Hillary Hawkins)

And so back to Clevedon albeit over four hours late but with all those unexpected extras.... wow what a bargain!! And we survived to tell the tale. 

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