This year will be our 20th Beer Festival.

It all started at the turn of the century when one of our members picked up the idea of a different fundraising effort in the form of a beer festival, beer drinking being close to many of our hearts! Some investigation was called for so visits to festivals in Wedmore and Winscombe run by other Lions' Clubs, a tough job but somebody had to do it!

The decision was to run with it so in July 2003 our first, or 'Thirst'as we called it, festival was held in conjunction with Claverham Village Hall. It was well received and made a profit of £2700. This sum was donated to Children's' Hospice South West which was fundraising for the new facility at Wraxall at the time.

From that point on the Festival has become an annual event on the local scene with Claverham being its regular home. Each year we have hosted 30 to 35 cask beers and 8 to 10 traditional ciders. It is estimated that we have offered over 500 different beers to a discerning public over time! Most years we have adopted a theme for the beers including Birds & Bees, Farming, Celtic Brews, Maritime, Aviation Flying High and Royalty for the Jubilee. Over the years we have had tremendous support from individuals and businesses in the area with financial sponsorship, without which the festival would not have achieved such success and in fact would probably not have happened at all! The total sum made by the 19 festivals so far is over £120,000.

The money raised has been distributed to many deserving causes encompassing youth, schools, sport, rescue and medical services and local community facilities. Some of the proceeds have been retained by the Club to assist with local welfare needs and the continuing development of our Special Needs playground.

The next Lions Claverham Beer & Cider Festival will be held on Friday 23rd/ Saturday 24th June at Claverham Village Hall.

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