Christmas cheer for families across Yatton and surrounding villages

Yeo Valley Lions Club members have been proud to work with the Clevedon branch of the Trussell Trust foodbank from the start of the pandemic, delivering food parcels to needy families and individuals in crisis throughout the Yatton and surrounding areas. Also they have collected donations from local shops for storage or onward distribution by the Trussell Trust.
Minibus Using the Lions minibus it has been possible to extend the reach of the Clevedon foodbank to remote villages across North Somerset and to move quantities of food which would otherwise be impractical.
An outpost of the Clevedon foodbank, staffed partly by Lions, has been set up in Yatton the home town of Yeo Valley Lions, for easy access by local people in need. Additionally, in the run up to the past 4 Christmas's, Yeo Valley Lions have helped assemble Christmas food hampers for families throughout the area by transferring crates and bags of donations to a central assembly point, before distribution to schools, homes and youth clubs using the Lions minibus. Foodbank 1
BagsFoodbank 3

Every year the Clevedon based foodbank assemble and pack Christmas Hampers for those unable to afford the extra cost of putting food on the table over the festive period. About 7.5 tonnes(!) of fresh vegetables, fruit and non-perishables were assembled and carefully divided in two frantic days of packing at St Andrews Church Hall, Clevedon, by a team of over 70 volunteers drawn from Lions and other local voluntary organisations. The hampers are weighed and selected according to the needs of the recipient families, varying from a single large bag including staples such as canned goods, jars and pasta, and a large bag of fresh fruit and veggies sufficient for a single person all the way up to enough to make a happier day for a family of five. There's always a little extra included in the form of chocolates or mince pies to bring some joy. The Trussell Trust volunteers are careful to label up each hamper with enough information to ensure they reach the right family, while protecting their privacy.

Business Meetings
Second Tuesday Each Month @ 8pm
Yatton Village Hall

Charity Number - 280660

0345 833 9602