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The opening of the Kingsmour Playground went ahead on 15th April. We have adopted a cautious and considered approach to opening which will be on a phased basis.


Special Needs Playground

In order to comply with our Risk assessments, COVID Secure Guidance and COVID Restrictions, we have drawn up some additional rules for everyone’s safety. These are on this website and at the Playground. Please read them and comply with them. We are relying on our members to act responsibly; if there is evidence of non-compliance, we will have no option but to close again – we do not want to do this.

Please bear in mind that, at Step 3 of the Government's Roadmap, members visiting the Playground are limited to thirty. We ask you to observe this limit. 

Playground members are asked to note that SENDCAS (North Somerset Council) has Stay and Play sessions on Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th June from 1.20pm to 3.30pm. As these sessions are for the maximum permitted number of thirty people, regrettably, the Playground will not be available for other members during these times. Both SENDCAS and Yeo Valley Lions are operating on Risk Assessments based on COVID-19 Guidance; if you have not booked with SENDCAS, please avoid these times and help us to comply with these assessments. Thank you.

At weekends, the Pear Orchard Café will be open and will be a useful place to wait before a visit to the Playground or perhaps have some refreshments after your visit. You will need to enter your membership number or family name to record the time of your playground visit on the Test & Trace log sheet in the shelter. If you need a reminder of your membership number, or wish to change your contact details, e-mail:

A copy of the rules we are obliged to implement is available here. Please read: Latest Rules

Our playground at Kingston Seymour is much used by the local families who have children with special needs and by organisations for those who support them. Its facilities include specially designed playground equipment that allows a carer to accompany a child on a swing or down a slide and a wheelchair swing where the child and their wheelchair can be accommodated. It also has a sandpit, rocking toys, a play house, tubular bells and plenty of room to run around and let off steam in a secure and safe environment. A waterfall and a movement sensitive water feature make a calming corner of the garden. There are picnic tables and a rain shelter and lots of bikes, tricycles and tractors have been donated by local people to add to the fun.

Email for further details

The playground is maintained by members of Yeo Valley Lions Club and small teams arrange daily visits to ensure the facility is kept tidy and any problems dealt with. We know that this facility is greatly valued by those who use it. We have a Visitors Book so that families can leave comments. We are grateful for, and encouraged by, the very positive comments made by those using the Playground and a selection of these is reproduced below.

“Another lovely afternoon at the park. Thank you.” 

“Perfect day for a play run around and picnic with siblings in a safe environment. B was really excited to be back” 

“It’s lovely to come back, the park looks more amazing than ever” 

“A fabulous afternoon in the Spring sunshine. What a beautiful resource” 

“Very grateful for this playground, grandparents came too, perfect” 

“This place is a godsend. Thank you so much, its looked after very well” 

“First time here and it is fantastic” “Lovely hot day – glad of the shade for Z’s picnic. Z can’t walk so a bit limited with things she can do but she tried the swing and the spring chair and riding the big tractors being held on. We all enjoyed our visit. Thank you Yeo Valley Lions for this great place.” 

“Another lovely visit to a lovely calm & quiet escape where the kids can run around. Sensory issues means that there are very few places we can take our sons, so this playground is so good for them (and us!)” 

“Wonderful visit. Kids had a brilliant time and didn’t know where to go first. So much to do, lovely space, very secure and located in beautiful & peaceful spot. Many thanks!” 

“Wonderful time, Friday afternoon, so safe and calm so mum can actually relax a little! Really really appreciated.”

If you know of a child with special needs who could benefit from joining the playground then Email

The Playground is free to use for any family that is registered with us. There is just a one off, £2 admin fee to initially register. 

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