Beers 2021



  Brewery Beer ABV   
  Summerskills Chocks Away  3.7 Golden with a clean and fresh nose. Sweet upfront with a delicate bitter finish. An excellent session ale.
   Hunters  Crackshot 3.8 Crackshot is double hopped using a Boadicea hop with a late addition of English Challenger to give a dry crisp hoppy taste
  Exeter Avocet  3.9 Devon’s original organic real ale. Made with three varieties of organic hop, it has a refreshing slightly citrus taste.
  Padstow Padstow Pilot  4.0 An amber ale brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, a touch of darker malts, and four different types of hop. We favour English hops for this brew with a touch of Slovenian hops for a distinctive aroma and long finish. 
  Country Life Flightpath  4.0 This amber coloured craft ale is made using Challenger and Cascade hops, with a hint of Amber malt. The finish is a contemporary session ale with a perfect balance between hops and malt suitable for any time of the day.
   Hardings  Best Bitter  4.0 Finest English pale barley malt along with caramel malts for sweetness and amber malt for depth and just a hint of roast character provide the tapestry upon which to build a big hit of English Noble hops. Challenger delivers a powerful yet soft bitterness with East Kent Goldings providing a grassy, herbal flavour.
  Branscombe Vale RAF Centenary  4.0 Gold with white head. Quite an earthy, malty beer, drying bitterness with a baked bread edge to it.
   Butcombe Original Bitter   4.0 Classic amber in colour and made with 100% best Marris Otter Malt, together with a blend of (never divulged) English hop varieties
   Glede -
Pale ale
 4.1 “My Anniversary Pale Ale” 90% Maris otter pale malt with a hint of roasted barley to give a deep gold colour. Bittered with Brewers Gold (UK) Hops and a blended mixture of Willamette (NZ) and Celeia (Stryian golding) hops for a balanced fruit and floral finish.
    Glede -
Westons Grand Bier  4.1  “Hazy Lazy summer wheat beer” A 50/50 mix of Maris otter pale malt and wheat to give a hazy golden colour blended with Willamette and Cascade hops for a lightly spiced and floral flavour. 
  Baa South Wales Dambuster  4.2      Beautifully balanced, a smooth maltiness with fruity, floral hop notes followed by a crisp bitterness.
  Fine Tuned
Aircraft Engine Ale  4.2 A true to style American Pale Ale. Very hoppy with bags of character.
  Cotleigh Golden Seahawk  4.2 Golden Seahawk is traditionally brewed with Devon pale and crystal malted barley which gives the beer its characteristic bright golden colour. Carefully selected Goldings, Challenger and Styrian hops provide a fragrant aroma with a background of honey flavour offering a fruit filled smooth finish.
  GT Ales RAF 100  4.3 A golden characterful IPA. Strong aromas of mango and passion fruit lead to a sweet tasting finish of guava and lychee.
  Flying Monk Circuit  4.3 This rich chestnut ale is brewed with a complex combination of malts and hops, which gives rise to an intriguing beer full of body and drama.
  Yeovil Lynx  4.3 Lynx Wildcat is a bronze full bodied hoppy bitter. Specialist malts provide a sweetness which is accompanied by grapefruity hop flavours and aromas.
  Riviera RAF Anniversary   4.3  
     A deep golden Pale Ale with subtle bitterness from First Gold hops plus Styrian Goldings with citrus fruit flavours from Cascade and Chinook hops giving way to a mouth lingering hoppyness.
  Arkells Moonlight  4.5 Moonlight has a golden auburn colour with a warm toasty aroma and distinctive citrus hoppy flavour from Celeia hops.
   Buckland  Airforce 100 4.5   Very rare beer in cask, tawny in colour
   Twisted Oak  Solstice  4.7 Brown with cream head. There is a nutty bitterness to this from the start, hopped but mostly malty.
  Flack Manor Hedge Hop  4.9 The rich amber colour reveals a deep biscuity maltiness balanced with exotic fruits and spiciness from Challenger, Pilot and English new world Cascade hops.

per ardva ad astra
 5.0 Easy drinking golden ale, more malty finish
  St Ives Air Commodore  5.0  Lovely IPA from this Cornish brewer
  Palmers Tally Ho  5.5 Strong, complex and full of deep distinctive flavours. A rich fruit cake flavour from roasted malt. 
  Hals Ales Fighter Command  5.5 Marzan style beer, complex and 2 casks/brew
  Isle of Avalon Whitley Bomber  6.0 Tawny old ale. Malty in flavour.
 Beers Listed are Provisional, Subject to Availability and May Be Amended at Any Time

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